It is here that a lot of the character of your area comes out. This is the most important section to those players who walk around with brief mode on. Mobiles are the where your area comes to life, players can kill them, buy things from them, ride them, and with the proper planning in your area use them in thier quest seeking.

  1. #9999
  2. Mithras~
  3. Mithras the necromancer~
  4. A figure wearing dark robes observes you
  5. ~
  6. A small figure wearing plain dark robes
  7. watches you closely, whilst appearing to
  8. ignore you completely. An aura of hidden
  9. power seems to surround him.
  10. ~
  11. 2|64 8|32|512 -750 S
  12. 15 0 0 0d0+0 0d0+0
  13. 0 0
  14. 8 8 1
Line 1 is the mobiles vnum, a unique identifier owned only by that mobile.

Line 2 is the mobiles name, which are used in commands to identify the mobile.

Line 3 is the mobiles 'short description',and is used by the 'act' and other functions 
          to identify the mobile.

Line 4 is the mobiles 'long description', and is used when a player walks into the 
          room and the mobile is visible.

Lines 5 and 10 are just tilde's '~', as these refer to values no longer supported 
            by Vampire Wars.

Lines 6 through 9 are the 'description' of the mobile, which is seen when the 
            player  looks at the mobile.

Line 11 covers the 'act-flags', 'affect-bits' and alignment, the S stands for simple 
            mobs.  VW supports complex mobs also.  (More info soon)

Line 12 consists of the mobiles level, hitroll, ac, hitpoints and damroll. 
            (I will explain how to adjust these later.)

Line 13 is the gold carried and the xp awarded by the mobile, when it is killed by 
            a player, VW no longer uses these values so leave them set to 0.

Line 14 is the mobiles position, position, and sex. The position values are not used 
            by VW, so set both to 8.


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