Various Values for Building

This section contains numeric values for the value0-value1 of certain objects.  It also contains important trivial comments about certain object values.

Weapon Types

Slice 01 Pound 07
Stab 02 Crush 08
Slash 03 Grep 09
Whip 04 Bite 10
Claw 05 Pierce 11
Blast 06 Suction 12

There are also values for hitting (00) and chopping (13).  However the code for chopping weapons is either no longer supported or bugged.  I do not recomend making weapons that use the hitting weapontype due to the fact that the results are not known.

"Defensive" Spell Affects for Weapons

Infravision 1000 Sanctuary 8000
See Invis 2000 Sneak 9000
Fly 3000 Shock Shield 10000
Darkness (Blind) 4000 Fire Shield 11000
Invisibility 5000 Ice Shield 12000
Passdoor 6000 Acid Shield 13000
Protection 7000

"Offensive" Spell Affects for Weapons

Acid Blast 1 Energy Drain 34
Blindness 4 Faerie Fire 35
Burning Hands 5 Fireball 37
Cause Critical 7 Flame Strike 38
Cause Light 8 Harm 42
Cause Serious 9 Lightning 48
Chill Touch 12 Magic Missile 50
Color Spray 13 Poison 53
Curse 24 Shocking Grasp 59
Dispel Evil 30 Weaken 65
Dispel Magic 31 High Explosive 79

"Offensive" and "Defensive" spells can be added together by adding the numbers for the respective spells together.  For example, a soulblade has a value0 of  13034 (Acid shield + Energy Drain). 

Spell Affects for Armour

Infravision 1 Sanctuary 8
See Invis 2 Sneak 9
Fly 3 Shock Shield 10
Darkness (Blind) 4 Fire Shield 11
Invisibility 5 Ice Shield 12
Passdoor 6 Acid Shield 13
Protection 7



If value3 for drink containers or food is a value other than 0, then they will be poisoned. Value2's for drink containers: 0 water, 13 blood, and if you want to get creative 7 is firebreather. There are other liquid types, but MZF should set this correctly.

Value1's for containers: 1 closeable, 2 pickproof, 4 closed, and 8 locked.  You may use more than one effect by adding the numbers together.  If you set the value2 of the container to -1 it will be unlockable.  Be careful when setting value1 and value2 if you don't want the container to be lockable.

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