Special Functions


This section defines special functions (spec-fun's) for mobiles.  A spec-fun is a C function which gives additional behavior to all mobiles with a given vnum, such as the peripatetic mayor or the beholder casting spells in combat.

M 9900 spec_cast_mage Mithras the necromancer
M 9901 spec_executioner  The Executioner

The M command assigns a spec_fun to all mobiles with that vnum.  The spec_fun is listed.  This is followed by a comment, usually the mobiles name.  The S command ends the section.


Special Functions

spec_breath_any spec_cast_mage
spec_breath_acid spec_cast_undead
spec_breath_fire spec_executioner
spec_breath_frost spec_fido
spec_breath_gas spec_guard
spec_breath_lightning spec_janitor
spec_cast_adept spec_mayor
spec_cast_cleric spec_poison
spec_cast_judge spec_curse


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