This section will help you set up your shops. The shopkeeper will only sell items that are in his/her inventory. Make sure that all items in the shopkeepers inventory have a cost value of 1 or greater.  Also make sure that the buy% and sell% have values of 1 or greater.  Shopkeepers will only buy item types that are specified in the 5 value ranges.

    3000 1 2 4 10 0 150 15     10 23   ;wizard (in midgaard)

    vnum value0 value1 value2 value3 value4 buy% sell% hrs_open hrs_close (Comments)

    vnum is the mobile's (shopkeeper's) vnum, all mobiles have a vnum.
    value0 - value4 are the item TYPES bought. See listing.
    buy% is how much the PLAYER pays when buying. (% of item's cost)
    sell% is how much the PLAYER receives when selling. (% of item's cost)
    hrs_open is the time the shopkeeper begins trading
    hrs_closed is the time the shopkeeper stops trading.

    The hours open and closed are on a 24 hour format. Example:
    hrs_open = 8 hrs_closed = 16 -- The shop is open from 8am til 4pm.

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