This section will cover objects and the values and special affects which can be set on them. Just remember not every object has to have extra or special powers.

  1. #9900
  2. sword~
  3. a rusty sword~
  4. A rusty sword rests here.~
  5. ~
  6. 5 64 1|8192
  7. 0 1 6 3
  8. 5 0 0
  9. A
  10. 18 -2
Line 1 is the objects vnum, which is a unique identifier that only that object has.

Line 2 is the objects name, which is used in commands to identify the object.

Line 3 is the 'short description', and is used by the 'act' function to identify the object. 
          The first character of the short description should be lower case, as the description 
          is used in the middle of sentances.

Line 4 is the 'long description', this is what the player sees when the object is visible 
          in the room.

Line 5 is just a tilde '~', as this value is not used in Vampire Wars.

Line 6 is the item type, extra-flags and wear-flags.

Line 7 are value0, value1, value2, value3. These values depend on the item type
          specified in line 6.

Line 8 is the objects wieght, cost, and rent value. VW does not use the rent system 
          so the last value should be left at 0.

Line 9  is the apply type, the value in the field below is added to the attribute identified 
           when worn or wielded. An object may have any number of apply values, but each 
           one makes that item more special.

Line 10 is the attribute to be modified, and the value it will be changed by.
            (In this case hitroll by -2)

Athough not shown in the example above an object may also have an E(xtra) field
that follows the same format used in rooms.

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