Credits & Disclaimers


Visitors to this site will notice that certain values and/or flags have been omitted.  Some of these flags are missing due to lack of information.  Others are ommited because they are easily misused by novice builders.  There are also flags and values that are abuseable so they have been ommited to lower the chances of their abuse.  Of course these flags cannot be kept secret, and an experienced builder or coder will have no problem finding these flags.  There absence is mainly to prevent newbies from building poor areas.  If you feel you are an experienced builder and would like to know more about these flags, please contact me.



This page could not have been built without help from other people.  I would like to thank Mute, who originally started this page.  I've pretty much kept the same layout he had, changing only the cosmetic aspects of the page and completing sections that he didnt have time to finish.  I would also like to thank Genghis, Joker, Netosia, Thwack, Revak, Helmut, Vertigo, Dirge, and all of the players I've met over the years for their contribution to my knowledge of building (which is in no means totally accurate, hehe).
Thanks also to the Diku Team and the Merc Team.
Thanks also to Kavir.
Last but not least, thank to Joker.

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