We ruled in Enoch!
We ruled in [the Second City]!
Dumuzi! Gilgamesh! Zeus! Jupiter!
We are every great man, every perfect man.
We rule, not by strength, but by right.
Be the law-giver, the tool-maker,

Carry the sacred [Me] to the people,
Keep the covenant,
Bind those that rebel,
Glory in those who fight and win,
Keep strong swords about you always,
And sharp eyes at your back.

Cower not in fear of the Sun!
Shrink not from Fire!
Though cursed we may be
We are the Lords of the Earth,
And all things fall under our dominion.

--Ventrue's words to his Childer

Brujah Old wounds scar the Rabble.  These hotheads cultivate buried hatreds better than the harpies do.  Still, we must be tolerant,  centuries of failure must surely be difficult to bear.
Cappadocian Some of what they are researching may well have application; the rest seems to be poinless.  Frankly, most of them are simply boring.
Gangrel They are as trustworthy and useful as well-bred dogs.  We send them forth when it is time for hunting, then call them back to the kennel when more subtel task beckon.  In this way does everyone fulfill their appointed role.
Malkavian The price they pay for their supposed enlightenment far exceeds its benifits.  Still, learn from them what you may.
Nosferatu These pitiful creatures still pay the debt earned by their sires so many nights ago, though through no fault of their own.
Toreador Value their opinions on art and architecture, but not on anything else.
Tremere It is good that they favor stability, otherwise their depredations might outweigh their futility.
Caitiff One can choose neither one's parents nor one's sire, so bear them no ill will unless they earn it.